Chemical and Enzyme Peels

Chemical Peels in Vancouver, WA Rosy Glow Spa

This is great as a stand-alone treatment, and may also be scheduled after a microdermabrasion to enhance skin rejuvenation and increase cell turnover.

As we age, dead skin cells do not slough off as easily as when we are younger, causing the skin to appear dull. Light, medium and deep chemical peels are a popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure used to peel away the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. Improving the evenness of color and texture in your skin creates a youthful look and restores a healthy, luminous and radiant appearance.

Our chemical peel procedures can aid in improving the skin of virtually any person. At Rosy Glow we effectively treat the following: wrinkles and fine lines sun-damaged-skin, uneven pigmentation, acne scars, scarring, age spots and freckling.

When to Consider Chemical Peels

If you have wrinkles or sun-damaged skin.

If you have skin discolorations, blotchiness or brown spots.

If you have scars that have made the surface of your skin uneven.

The best results will begin to be seen after a series of peels, purposely designed for you and the changing needs of your skin.

Our chemical peel procedures are one of the most wonderful way to produce a subtle and visibly healthier look with zero risks involved.

We also recommend chemical peels to any patient that is looking to start a new skincare regimen, maintain healthy skin, or simply prolong their results after a procedure.

chemical and enzyme peels rosy glow

Epionce® Chemical Peels

There are two separate peel procedures available for Epionce lovers that follow the philosophy of active, yet gentle skincare: The Epionce Peel System and the Lite Peel: Refresh. 

The Epionce Peel System is an excellent peel suitable for most skin types, and customizable in layers of salicylic acid and/or malic acid, depending on peel experience and skin condition. Individuals will experience minimal recovery/downtime, with minimal to moderate peeling, depending on number of layers applied.

Lite Peel: Refresh is an exceptional starter peel for all skin types, especially very sensitive skin types, using a one-step combination of salicylic and malic acids, and extracts of willow bark and onion. It’s suitable for those who are brand-new to peeling, or those who desire a “refreshed” look for a big event without any peeling or downtime.

Epionce chemical peels can be used on the face, neck, chest, back, arms and legs. Performed every two to four weeks, Epionce peels are a great way to help boost the already fantastic results you get using Epionce products at home. Your skin care professional will recommend the Epionce peel that is just right for your skin type and skin conditions.

ZO® Ossential Stimulator Peel

The Stimulator Peel, contains a combination of Citric, Glycolic and Lactic acids to improve fine lines, dull and dry textured skin, for a more even skin tone. It is gentle enough for all skin types and can be performed once a week.

ZO® 3 Step Peel

The 3-Step Peel by Dr. Zein Obagi contains a unique blend of Salicylic, Trichloracetic “TCA” and Lactic acids along with Retinol to remove the outer layer of the epidermis, maximize collagen stimulation and cellular renewal, while also providing antioxidant benefits and DNA protection.

The 3-Step Peel improves your skin’s, texture, for a softer, smoother tightening look. It is particularly effective, in the treatment of photo damage, and results in an overall improvement in texture and tone. It is also beneficial in the treatment of darker skin with pigmentation issues. This peel can be performed on all skin types, every 4 weeks until desired results are achieved. The healing time is 5-7 days.

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